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           WHAT'S NEW at our meetings and elsewhere !

           Our regular meetings at our own HQ - see below -  this subject is also covered on our Meeting Reports page (click the link to the left), where you will find details of recently held meetings and our programme for the future. For some time, we have been looking for a place to hold our meetings, a centre where we would be able to encourage people from all ages who are interested o come to our meetings and learn about our fascinating hobby.

            With this in mind, we have been able to book a regular meeting room at the Deptford & Millfield Community Centre, which is an ideal venue for our activities. It is situated at Havelock Towers, 288 Hylton Road, Millfield, Sunderland (near the Royal Hospital) and our meetings are now held there on the 1st Wednesday in each month, starting at 7:30 pm

             Meetings are semi-formal, and start with a brief period of business, followed by a tea-break after which we enjoy the wisdom of our guest speaker.

           Why not give us a try,  and come to our August meeting

         If you cannot get there, you will have an opportunity to meet some of us at our annual show, on Sunday 16th August  - see below .......

North East National Show 2015

This, our Annual Open Show, was founded in 1964, alongside our colleagues in the Hetton le Hole and South Shields Budgerigar societies. At that time, the fancy in our immediate area was very much in the doldrums - but we felt that it could be built up again. Looking to create bigger and better shows, this amalgamation seemed the best solution – and so it proved; entries were increased at our first combined show, in 1965, and the societies involved increased in membership and enthusiasm. This was particularly so for Sunderland BS as we had not been able to run a show in 1964. WE ARE THEREFORE CELEBRATING OUR GOLDEN JUBILEE THIS YEAR.

      In time, and with the North East National still increasing in entries,  the Hetton le Hole society decided that they would again try to stage their own Open show, and this they did with reasonable success, although with smaller entries, for a number of years until they again fell into difficulties and eventually folded as a society.

      Since then, South Shields and Sunderland societies have continued to stage their annual Open show: most of these events have taken place in Sunderland, but in recent years the venue selected has been at South Shields. The show is a popular one with fanciers in the area, despite recent drops in entries over a couple of years, but like many shows, is now looking to increase entries once again, hopefully to attract between 800 and 1000 birds in the not-too-distant future – but it will take work on the part of everyone to build up this fancy AGAIN, like many of us have had to do in the past. This can only be achieved with the goodwill and support of our fellow fanciers. 

AS THE SHOW HAS BEEN HELD IN SUNDERLAND over recent years, we have an additional chance to let the people of Sunderland know that little bit more about us and our enjoyment of the hobby. Your ideas as to how best to make ourselves known to "the outside world" will be helpful! OUR GOLDE JBILEE GIVES US THE CHANCE TO APPEAL FOR MORE SUPPORT, FROM FELLOW FANCIERS, AND OTHER FOLK WHO MAY BE INTERESTED IN THESE CHARMING BIRDS

 Who Can Enter this show ?

        Basically, the answer is anyone with budgerigars and the standard show cages in which to show them. As stated, this is an Open show, which means that it is open to anyone to show! You don’t even need to be a member of any budgerigar society to exhibit – but if you do have a winning bird, it may win rosettes if you are a member of the societies which are supporting the show.

       For those who have not shown before, the procedure is that we published a Schedule of Classes, which we distribute at shows held earlier in the month. We also post schedules out to all who have shown in the area over the previous couple of years and we will, of course, post full details on this website.

             The schedule advises full details, including the closing date for entries, which is the preceding Tuesday morning – this is to give us time to publish the catalogue. You can enter your birds by telephone, or by completing the entry form which accompanies the Schedule of Classes. Your birds will be allocated Class and Cage numbers, and the labels will be sent to you, by post, in time for you to affix them to your cages. You can bring you birds to the show on the night before, or early on the day of the show. Your help in preparing the hall for the show, receiving erecting and filling the show staging would be appreciated

       Once at the show, your birds will be benched in the appropriate section on the show stand and you will leave your birds there for judging. But, if you wish to do so, you will be welcome to stay on at the show as a steward - this is the best way of learning about how a show is run, and also, of course, making more friends in the fancy.

The judges will place their awards and usually finish around 1:30. The show will open to the public when the judging is complete, or at the discretion of the Show manager, and all birds will remain on the stands until the lifting time, which is at 4:30pm.

        If you want any more information about this, drop us a line, by post or e-mail. The best place to learn about shows and other aspects of the fancy, however, is at your local society, where all aspects of the fancy will be discussed on a regular basis!

        Please continue to visit this page as more details of the show will appear as arrangements are finalised.


FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE HOBBY, please go to www.herringbrosbudgerigars.co.uk 





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