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The Northern Budgerigar Society

...........meets first on Sunday of every month.

Meetings generally begin at 2:30 pm, and usually start, quite promptly.  As our speakers often travel from far afield, the speaker is the first item on the agenda and often continues for a short while after our normal afternoon Tea & Biscuits Break. The final part of the meeting is devoted to reading the committee minutes and other brief items. As you can see, the meeting is thus largely devoted to the more "entertaining" and informative side of the hobby as is applied to our shared interest of budgerigar breeding

 To find us just follow the A1(M) from either North or South until you reach Junction 61 and look for the sign post for Bowburn. We are in the community centre only three minutes drive from Junction 6

 Bowburn Community Centre is very  easy to  reach. It is just 2 minutes  off the  A1m south of Durham.  As you can see it can be reached from any direction with good access from all area. There is also a bus service to the door, via Durham City .


For reports of NBS activities, including shows, conventions and monthly meetings, click HERE


for the new general interest  magazine with N.B.S page   - click HERE
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