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Renewed appeal 2012/3

Members are urged to contact me with there details for inclusion in this page. Now that the website has recovered from its 'long sleep', I hope to include details of all members, with aviary photos etc  - but this will require their co-operation.

           This page is  designed to tell folk about the members who regularly attend our monthly meetings. Such members are the backbone of  the society and we take pleasure in publishing a small piece about them all. It will be added to as the members appear at meetings. The entries are printed randomly as there is no "pecking order" at Sunderland BS!

    I am looking to cover more, if not all, of our members here over the next few months and will ask those members to give me details that I can put on this page - see also the new announcement on the "What's On" page. I will email all members for their 'biographical details' and take pics of them at meetings  -- not compulsory , of course !! In the meantime, I have written my own, brief introductions to those members


The possibility of advertising space has been raised, and this seems to me (Dave H.) to be a good idea. For a start, I will post any adverts received at the foot of this page  -- and we will see how it goes.

 There will be no charge for this service, as the website is run without cost to Sunderland Budgerigar Society.


Joe Staples     One of the longest serving members of Sunderland BS, Joed has been the society's General Secretary for a great many years despite having relatively poor health.

   Joe is an all-round bird fancier, and has expertise with a number of different varieties of birds. Thanks to his work as secretary, the society has had many speakers over the last few years.

He is not an exhibitor, thus demonstrating the important fact that the Sunderland Budgerigar Society is here for all budgerigar fanciers, whether exhibitors or not!




John Wanless  - 

John Wanless  BS code W6133   NBS code  NW19  started keeping pets at the early age of 10 years old. He writes " my dad made me a rabbit hutch out of an old set of drawers...that's when the livestock bug started.

Since then I have had all sorts of pets from exhibition mice to African Greys  of which I hand-reared over 100 babies including Amazons, Jardines, Meyer's, Red Bellied and Senegal parrots. Fancy pigeons was a great hobby for 12 years of which I kept blowing breeds such as Norwich Croppers, English Pouters, Pygmy Pouters and reverse-wing Croppers to name a few and doing well on the show scene around the country.


 I am now trying my hand at Exhibition Budgerigars which I started keeping in 2007 after I was offered some clearwings in exchange for some Exhibition Zebra finches...the clearwings were soon sold off to make way for Lutinos...these are my favourite, my first stock came from Marshall and Shotton...I showed my birds the the following season 2008 in which I did well in my opinion. 

I now have Albinos and Spangles and will keep to these 3 colours for now and see how things go. Here's looking forward to the next show season".

Keith Allison 

 has been a Sunderland BS member for a number of years and has a proud history of service to the fancy in show organisation, as well as other society work.

 Added to this, he is one of the most successful breeders and exhibitors in the Northern BS area.

                        Keith writes: - "The birdroom measures 50ft by 20ft and contains 47 breeding cages,2 main flights 11ft by 8ft, 2 smaller baby flights.

It has its own fitted kitchen and toilet, it is heated by gas central heating via a Combi-Boiler. It is also fully alarmed and has a CCTV system in place.

 The lighting system has fluorescent lights and night lights fully automated with a control system."


Dean Harding -   was a member of this society many years ago, returning to the fold only last year (20120 ) after years away from the fancy, in pursuit if his career, etc.

    He is rapidly making his mark in the fancy and in society life generally in the area, and is lending his skills in many aspects of the financial and administrative side of the organisation of societies locally.


 Gerry Carr  -    continues to give service to the Sunderland BS , although until recently, declined to fill any of the official positions offered to him. He is now our Vice President - and about time too!  

 He has had a long, if interrupted association with the fancy, but since returning to our fold quite a number of years ago, he has been active in the work of the society , and until recently in the storage and maintenance of the Northern BS staging, a service for which he was recently awarded the Northern BS Golden Bird for meritorious service,

Most recently, he has worked  on the construction of new, wooden, staging (easier for older members to handle

  Other Notes to follow -- when he can be persuaded !



Joan Crawford  -

 Joan is a constant reminder of one of the great reasons for having budgerigar societies.

 She is a member of Sunderland BS because she is a pet bird owner  -- she loves budgerigars  -- and despite the fact that she has no wish to breed and exhibit budgerigars, she enjoys the companionship of fellow bird lovers.

Thanks, Joan, for helping us keep our feet on the ground!





Adrian Lovack  -

has been a member of this society for only a relatively short time but ia already very well known in the Northern BS area and beyond as one who is prepared to work for the society and the fancy at large.

 As well as working for Sunderland BS , he also served the Northern BS well at the Budgerigar Society's Spring event at Seaton Burn in 2012, where he provided and laid the floor covering which was essential for the staging of the show at that event.

He is equally ambitious in his own stud , having travelled far and wide in a quest for exiting stock and will, no doubt, soon make his mark on the show bench.


Kevin Thompson  - has been a fancier for a number of years, and in recent years a member of Sunderland BS, having also taken on the post of Treasurer of the society.

 Kevin is a very successful breeder and exhibitor, with a wide experience of other forms of livestock.






Jack Robertson  -  Life member

Jack Robertson joined the society in October 1958, along with John & Dave Herring, and thus stands as 'Father of the House'.

Remains extremely interested in the fancy, but his reduced mobility prevents him following the hobby quite as actively as in past years. Jack was always extremely interested in Lutinos, but had his main success on the show bench with the more mainstream colours and had a series of Best Breeder in Show awards

Jack is stalwart in his support of the fancy,

As well as being a member of this club he is also a former long-standing committee member of the Northern BS


Dave & Pat Herring  - 

  BS Code H1367, NBS Code NH167, Address  7 Angrove gardens, St Gabriel's Estate Sunderland SR4 7TB  E-mail herring57@btinternet.com  See also website www.herringbrosbudgerigars.co.uk  . Following John's death in April 2011 was joined in the fancy by his wife, Pat.     

       Took up the fancy, with brother John, in 1957, joined Sunderland BS the same year, the BS in 1959 and the NBS in 1962. Keen exhibitor and has shown as a Champion, for many years. Long-time judge.  Likes all the normal varieties, plus Red-eyes, Dilutes and also keeps Spangles - a variety which is now taking a more prominent role in their birdroom. They find the dark factor birds, especially blues, particularly attractive. Recommend Sunderland BS as a friendly society looking to improve services to members.



   BS Code H1368, NBS Code NH167.  Pat has supported the fancy, especially the North East National Show financially and also as a fundraiser, for many years, running a Tombola stall at the North East national Show for years following the death of John & Dave's mother in 1988.

   With Dave, Pat is now largely retired from much of the work and now concentrates on developing their stock, hopefully also with a view to use that stock for the benefit of folk looking for foundation birds.  









(See opening pararaph)










Grant Findlay FA75 Northern Berwick upon Tweed 01289 331935
Sandra Vickers V559 Northern Bishop Auckland 01388 608953
Bernard Hodgson H5841 Northern Carlisle 01228 510528
John Hunter H5679 Northern Carlisle 01228 547213
J Higley H5032 Northern Cockermouth 01900 825112
R Fairhurst FC360 Northern Darlington 01325 260456
A & K Richards R3641 Northern Ferryhill 01740 653943
Dennis Creighton DWC1 Northern Maryport 01900 819953
John Fairbridge FC375 Northern Middlesbrough 01642 430401
Gary Pringle PE387 Northern Newcastle upon Tyne 0191 264 5326
Robert Toon T3233 Northern Northumberland 0191 250 1302
Pat Thompson PET1 Northern Penrith 01768 899337
K Sleightholm S6837 Northern Redcar 01642 479844
Ian Cuthbertson C5321 Northern South Hetton 0191 526 1980
Graeme French GF2 Northern Sunderland 07950 468455





























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