2nd October

Something of a Red Letter day for Sunderland BS who welcomed the NBS panel. comprising (left to right) Gaile Clark, Brian Batey (chairman), Margaret Bowman and Charlie Bowman. giving us a highly successful meeting.

The panel gave their opinions on a wide range of topics, from personal preferences in varieties through to the prospective changes of ring issue date and the probability of our shows creeping further forward in the show calendar over the following few years.

The effect of the internet, forums, etc on the running of local societies was discussed in some detail, with a variety of opinions being offered by the panel and by the audience.

 An attendance of eleven members had the benefit of  this invigorating meeting and we can only sympathise with those

who 'missed the treat.


4th September

J Wanless, in the chair, opened  the meeting at 7:30pm

Apologies   were received from Sean Rump

The minutes were read and duly accepted

Matters arising G Carr reported that he has now sold the cage covers acquired from E Ward and it was agreed that the £25 received be used to defray expenses in buying materials for the renovation of the show cages also donated.

Correspondence A number of schedules were received from Hetton & Houghton CBS. D Herring explained that this arose from a telephone call that he had received, asking for our support of their annual show.

 J Staples reported that he will be abroad from November for a number of weeks and asked that our AGM be postponed. The members agreed to defer that meeting, until February.

Dean Harding reported that our ‘dividend’ from Garden Feathers had exceeded £200 for the North East National and Harry Wind announced that a donation of £100 had also been given to the show on behalf of Sunderland BS last month.

The evening’s raffle raised £13

Lee Marshall  attended as the evenings speakers and his talk covered his personal history in the fancy and the way the partnership of Marshall & Shotton had thrived. He explained that, since Derek has had to move and can no longer keep birds, he is now down to a much smaller stud, with twelve breeding cages in action, but is enjoying the new challenge. He regrets that he is also limited to a small show team.

The meeting was close at 9:35



7th August

J Wanless, in the chair, opened  the meeting at 7:30pm

One new member, Mrs Margaret Bell was accepted and welcomed, with Mr Bell.

The minutes were read and approved; in ‘matters arising’, it was confirmed that a good system regarding lighting of the meeting room is now in place with the barman. It was also reported by D Harding that the NBS Chairman B Batey, has apologised for the non attendance of the NBS panel at last month’s meeting and that the matter will be raised with the committee and hopefully an alternative date will be offered. Dean than commented  on the North East National arrangements and felt that there had been some important items omitted from the schedule, including matters of sponsorship.

Correspondence.  The only item was an email received by D Herring from E Ward who has a number of show cage and related items which he would like to donate to the society for fund-raising. G Carr had already been advised of this email and has the matter well in hand; he proposes to renovate them to provide income for the society.

It was confirmed that next month will see a visit by Lee Marshall & D Shotton, as speakers.

The meeting was closed at 9:35



3rd July

J Wanless, in the chair, opened the meeting at 7:30pm

The minutes were read and accepted, there being no matters arising.

The secretary confirmed that there had been no correspondence, other than a routine letter from Virgin Money, requiring no action.

It was reported that since our last meeting there had been a North East National meeting at South Shields, but unfortunately there were insufficient members present for a formal meeting. However, the schedule was discussed and minor amendments made. It was also reported that there were two additional sponsors now in place for additional costs.

Meeting room.   As better arrangements appear now to be in place regarding the services in place, it was agreed that there seems to be no immediate need to consider a change of venue.

 The evening’s speakers were to have been a Northern BS panel but unfortunately they had not appeared – presumably a problem with the date. In their absence, Dean Harding filled the breach and gave us an account of the many aviary visits he has made, both home and abroad. The talk was illustrated by images from his website and these gave much food for thought and lively comment and debate. Another highly successful meeting with a good attendance.

The meeting ended at 9:25pm


5th June

J Wanless, in the chair, opened the meeting at 7:35pm

The minutes were read and accepted, there being no matters arising.

The secretary confirmed that there had been no correspondence.

Any Other Business.       D. Harding raised the matter of  the problems we have had with the meeting room over the last few months, and said that he had discussed this with various members. Alternative venues were discussed, and the mention of the British Legion rooms at Boldon appeared to attract some interest.

    It was decided to leave the proposal on the table and to return to the subject at the next meeting

    A raffle was held at the meeting and raised £15

The evening’s speakers were Dave & Pat herring who gave a presentation covering their breeding results and plans for 2014, to date

The meeting ended at 9:15pm




1st May

J  Wanless in the Chair, as usual, opened to meeting promptly with another reasonable turn-out of members.

The minutes having been approved, the only item of business was the distribution of the edited rules to the members present, who were urged to read and consider them and bring suggested amendment forward for consideration at the next AGM.

           The evening's speaker was Phil McHale who gave a very interesting presentation largely based on the recent refurbishing of his birdroom.

           He explained that he had realised that he was having to spend too large a portion of his available time in cleaning his birdroom to achieve the levels of hygiene that he felt his birds deserved, and that he had introduced fittings which now demand only a fraction of the time he had previously expended, thus freeing more time to studying his birds.

Phil also gave us a description of his visits to overseas fancies, after which he introduced a quiz, projected on to the screen, on the "Who wants to be a Millionaire" format, with fancy-based questions.

This proved a very popular feature and completed a very stimulating evening.

  6th April

J  Wanless in the Chair, opened the meeting , at 7:30 pm with 12 members present.

The minutes were read and accepted, there being no matters arising.

The secretary confirmed that there had been no correspondence.

Any Other Business. It was felt that the society's sules should be updated and D Herring agreed to undertake initial work on this project.

               D. Harding noted that R. Carroll, a past President of the society had died in recent times and the society records his passing, with regret

The evenings speaker was Adrian Richards, who gave us a very stimulating presentation on the aviaries he had visited on a recent visit to Ireland.

This he followed with a quiz for members, in which he gave us images of various varieties of budgerigars for members to identify.

 A very informative evening, for which he was roundly thanked by the members.



6th MARCH 

J  Wanless in the Chair, opened the meeting with 14 members present, at 7:10 pm and welcomed one new member, R McPherson. 

The minutes were read and duly accepted and there were no matters arising. 

There were no other matters on the Agenda and in Any Other Business , D Herring suggested that he would like to insert a Pet Breeders register on the society’s website  (www.sunderlandbudgerigarsociety.co.uk)  He felt that there is quite a demand for pet birds, but would-be pet owners have great trouble in finding suitable pet budgerigars. In offering this service to breeders, we may help raise the profile of budgerigars as pets as well as the hobby itself. 

The evening’s speaker was Brian Batey, making a welcome return visit and he once again provided much interest in his talk and subsequent discussion 

The meeting was closed at approximately 9:40 pm




NB  The North East National Meeting took place prior to our meeting. We learned that the Officers for the show  are :-

                           Chairman   J Wanless

                            Minutes & Patronage secretary   L Marshall

                           Treasure & Bio Security   W A Kyle

                           Gen Secretary   J M Cooke.  The Show will again be run, on the day, by B. Batey and Lee Marshall will assist him and act as Official Show Secretary, to learn the workings of the show


                           Judges are T & L Jukes, J Punchard and C Thorne





9th JANUARY  Our first meeting of the year, at which we were sorry to learn that our Secretary, Joe Staples, is currently in hospital in U.S.A, having taken ill on a long holiday. Hopefully, he will be back with us shortly.

      Our AGM was postponed to February, but nominations for officers was taken, following which a lengthy  and productive discussion took place about our plans and hopes for the year.




Dennis Cairns made a welcome return as guest speaker to the November meeting of Sunderland BS. It was pleasing to note that, once again, a good attendance was recorded, despite the absence of quite a few of our stalwarts, owing to sickness, holidays etc.

Dennis is well known as a breeder, exhibitor and judge, and it was good to hear his views on the many aspects of our hobby. He stressed that his management regime is very regular, and even more important, consistent: he has used the same methods for a number of years. However, he emphasised that he is always open to the views of fellow fanciers, and recognises that there is always something new to learn from our fellows. Furthermore, he feels that, although the Internet can be a valuable source of information, it is something that he does not use very much. Fanciers would learn much more through face to face contact with fanciers at meetings, shows etc.

Similarly, while it is interesting to see some of the many pictures which are posted on the various sites, it is sad to note that apparently few of these birds make their point on the show bench.


5th   SEPTEMBER    Dave & Pat Herring attended this meeting as speakers , delivering a presentation based on their 2013 breeding results and their emphasis on the use of genetics in the selection of matings throughout the year.

      They emphasised their reliance on the stock they had acquired from well-established breeders, latterly the partnership of Gren & Pat Norris, to build on firm foundations already established. The importance of future planning was stressed, especially when aiming to establish separate family lines: they quoted, as an example, their efforts this year to start a sub-stud of Lutinos alongside their current Albino line.

       This talk was well received, as several of the members present aim to improve or establish Lutino families.

The society continues to grow. It has embarked, with their partners South Shields BS , on a drive to increase the financing of their near 50 year old partnership in the North East National Budgerigar Show. Sunderland BS now seeks even more new members, composed of ALL fanciers who are interested in budgerigars , whether for the pet fancy or the exhibition fancy   -- or purely because they like budgerigars.

   The society continues to meet on the first Thursday in each month at the Grindon Club, Gregoyy Road, Grindon, Sunderland.


6th JUNE  Another very good turn-out for this Sunderland BS meeting, when we welcomed a panel from the Northern BS, comprising Charlie & Margaret Bowman and Jim Smith. and the pedigrees of their stock in


This was, in many respects, a good reminder of old meetings, in which the questions and answers ranged from reminiscences on events, fanciers and bird husbandry through to current practices.  The future was also touched on as to how shows of the future can best be financed.  On this issue, the society, with South Shields BS, are considering a seed agency to help promote the North East National annual show  - through the BS Major sponsors, and discussion on whether, and how, this may be implemented will continue at next months meeting.

It is heartening to note that in recent months the membership of the society has increased and we look forward to future strengthening of the society.


5th MAY    Most of our members gathered at the Ravensdene Lodge Hotel for the Annual NBS 'do' -- this year billed as a Spring Event (a tribute to last year's BS Spring Event at Seaton Burn?)

                        GUEST Speakers were Terry & LInda Jukes,  established favourites Jeff Attwood and Maurice Roberts, the Teeside new BS Chairman. This was indeed a red-letter day and almost 70 fanciers purchased ticket at £5 per head.   Wonderful speakers plus a carvery lunch    --- not bad, eh.  If you missed it, catch the next!

2nd MAY     PHIL McHALE ( centre in the pic below) was guest speaker at the May meeting of Sunderland BS and truly enthralled       his audience with a detailed description of his time in the fancy, and latterly on the well-famed excursions from to Germany, including the aviaries of Jo Mannes, Jac Cuytan etc .

 His presentation gave rise to questions. well answered about feeding and other management topics which he had observed in his travels, and it was particularly interesting to view the images of the various exhibition birds on the presentation.

No wonder that the attendance at the meeting numbered 15 - a very good turn-out indeed over recent months!   We welcomed three new members, and we have plenty of room for more!!