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Meeting Reports to end of 2008


 24th November 2008

Members were urged to notify the secretary of any changes to Rules, Subscriptions, any other matters, by 16th January, that is, 10 days before the Annual General Meeting. 

Our speakers for the night were John & David Herring, who have written a power point presentation on Genetics.

 This included the X and Y-chromosomes inherited from the cock and hen birds and how it affects the outcome as regards colour and sex. Also the sex linked factors Ino, cinnamon and the others. Also covered the dominant and recessive factors. 

Members were either interested or completely bemused and may need a second sitting at a later date with a bit more time to take it all in.

John Herring wished all members a very happy Christmas. The meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

 The meeting closed at 9.30 pm.


Above, Left to Right, a small excerpt as a reminder of the main points covered in the presentation :-

1)  Production of cocks and hens   2)  Inheritance of Dominant & Recessive factors  3) The effect of Sex-linkage

Meeting held on 27th October 2008

  J Herring had paid out the £20.00 to the NBS  for the prizes at the NBS Show (3 prizes).

 Our guest speakers for the night were Lee Marshall and Derek Shotton. Instead of just talking about the things we use in the bird room they brought samples of the types of: -

Cage floor coverings.Cuttlefish.Iodine blocks.Grit.Seeds: - Canary 50/50 mix. Millet, Tonic seed. Groats, Soft food,which were passed around the members for them to look at and feel them.

Questions were taken from the floor and answered.

 Lee and Derek were thanked in the usual way.


 Monday, September 29th     

The meeting was opened by Mick Cook at 7.30pm with 15 members present plus members from South Shields and the NBS.

Correspondence:  Letter from the NBS requesting a donation/prize for the area show.It was agreed to donate £20.00. 

Brief details of the NEN show balance sheet was read.At the last NEN meeting a possible new venue was put forward for the show. A group consisting of Mick Cook, Lee Marshall, Derek Shotton went to look at it.

It is at the Grindon Boys Club just off Chester Road, Sunderland.Lee Marshall reported that the lighting, which is always of prime importance, was quite adequate; they visited both at night and in the daylight to check.

Catering facilities, quite good, room for up to 1000 birds if necessary.They have provisionally booked it for next year. 

The meeting was informed of an Inter Club Show to be held on the first Sunday of November (2nd November) organised by the NBS at Bowburn, no correspondence received at the present but hopefully we will have details by the October meeting. 

        The guests for the night were a panel from the NBS, comprising of Don Rowell, Linda Heighton and Colin Wright, supported by Ray and Barbara Blakemore (in the backbenches)

 As our meeting followed the weekend of the BS Club Show it was quite natural that the questions followed that theme.

Opening question,"Was the show to long as the birds by the Sunday were looking far from their best?"

The panel’s answer was that if the birds were in good condition then they should have no problems coping with it. Also it comes down to show training before the show to give your birds the best opportunity to show themselves.

Further discussions were held covering:-

         Juniors: Is it right for them with higher status parents competing with the genuine junior?

          Women in birds and clubs: Are they given an equal chance and made welcome.

          Feeding of the panel’s birds.

          Types and colours kept by the panel.

To all these questions full and detailed replies were given and each subject led to contributions from the floor making for a good meeting with a wide interchange of views.


The speakers were thanked, by the Chairman, for an excellent evening, and the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.




 Monday, 25th August 2008

13 members attended this meeting, a figure which compares extremely favourably with previous meetings held on a Bank Holiday! Nevertheless, our absent friends were missed and we hope to see them next month.

A query was raised as to the length of time we pay for the hall per night, this amounted to 2 hours, so as to utilise the usage it  was suggested that we start at between 7.00-7.15pm. And close between 9.00-9.15pm.Members are asked to make a note of      this change so that we can achieve a prompt start to our meetings

 December meeting. It was suggested that as our normal December meeting always falls within the Christmas period, that we combine a meeting of the Sunderland BS/South Shields BS on their meeting date Monday 1st December at the British Legion Club, Boldon Colliery, and arrange a a joint social evening.

We will therefore have mean our own Sunderland BS meeting on 24th November, followed by the social night the following Monday at the British Legion Club, Boldon Colliery, subject to the approval of the other South Shields members, at their next (September) meeting.

 Our speaker for the night was Dennis Cairns, who  spoke on a number of topics, starting with a breeding  preparation regime suggested by Geoff Tuplin as speaker at the Northern BS last year.



 It was to black out the breeding room prior to pairing up, for a period of as Dennis did 6 weeks (other than normal night light). This had the effect of putting the birds into a moult, after the 6 weeks normal light was introduced over a period 2.5 weeks, this then brought the birds back into breeding condition and Dennis found he had very good breeding results. He did feel that he could have extended the recovery time to maybe 6 to 8 weeks before pairing up. He is going to try the same thing again this year.

Dennis went on to speak about feeding, genetics, and judging, a good font of knowledge was acquired by all present. Dennis was thanked for the evening.

Meeting closed at 9.30.pm.






Monday, 28 July 2008


A good representation of the Sunderland BS membership attended the Last meeting of the society. The only real item of business was a discussion of the North East National Show of Sunday July 20th which was generally considered to be a great success.


However, the highlight of the meeting was provided by our speakers, Charlie and Margaret Bowman who both entertained and educated the gathering with a very interesting talk on a range of topics centred around a set of cartoons/sketches made some years ago by Roy Stringer. Charlie came to us fresh from his overwhelming success at the North East National Show, at which he annexed all the major specials with his show team presented in excellent condition.




This highly successful team recalled a range of subjects and methods which they have employed with great success in the birdroom over a great number of years and they gave very sound advice which must have struck home, in some respect, with every member who was fortunate enough to be present.


The next meeting of the society will be on Monday, August 25th and we very much look forward to welcoming two more good friends of Sunderland BS in Geoff Lawrence & Norma Phillips. All fanciers are cordially invited to attend this meeting which will, as usual, commence at 7:30 pm and be held in the St Luke’s Parish centre, Pallion Road, Sunderland.




30th June 2008


Eric Ward opened the meeting at 7.45 in the absence ,because of illness, of M Cook chairman and J Herring vice chairman.

We welcomed 1 new member Neil Whitfield, and hoped he would have a pleasant night.


Our speakers for the night Adrian and Ken Richards were introduced.Their subject was an open one.They started off giving a bit of background to how they started in 1982 when they bred 20/30 birds.They covered the high prices that some people paid for birds.

It then opened up into a question and answer session covering any aspect of bird keeping that anybody wished to ask and they would try to answer their questions. Questions covered varied between, breeding time lights on and off. Explained to new members the difference between colony and selective breeding, feeding, the difference between feeding in the breeding season and non- breeding season. 

A very good mixture of information was had both for new to the hobby and those who had been in it a lot longer.Adrian and Ken were thanked for an informative evening.


The meeting was closed at 9pm.



26th MAY 2008

It is now fourteen months since Sunderland BS moved to its present meeting rooms, the St Lukes Parish rooms, St Luke’s Road, Pallion, Sunderland and as we reflect on this, we realise that we have had ups and downs, as do all societies. Despite the compliments that we have received from visiting speakers and other fanciers, it is fair to say that the change of meeting room did not suit all existing members, and the society struggled to maintain its purpose for the latter months of 2007.

Happily, after receiving great co-operation from the both the fancy press, and the local evening paper, the society appears to have turned the corner and has had a , still modest, average of 12-14 attendees at all meetings since March of this year.

Despite it being the May Bank Holiday, twelve members attended .

Apologies having been received from our Secretary Joe Staples, and Chairman Mick Cook, the meeting was opened at 7.45pm by vice chairman John Herring who welcomed our speaker, a good friend of the society, Brian Batey who is a Champion exhibitor and is the Vice Chairman of the Northern Budgerigar Society

J Herring reported that the next North East National meeting is to be held on the 9th June at the British Legion Club Boldon Colliery, and urged a good attendance by members at this open meeting 

Brian Batey's brief from our secretary was  'talk about budgies, plain and simple'. Brian decided to start his talk as ‘Re- Start’, his re- start was to recall when he had to do rework on his aviary and he was down to only 8 budgerigars. He told us about his continuing recent progress in rebuilding his stud, including the acquisition of stock from Brian Sweeting and Jeff Attwood, as well as from Scotland and local sources. He covered discussion on some of the varieties kept by those fanciers and his own recent acquisition of stock In his review of his experiences over the last twelve months or so, Brian gave us something of an insight to his own philosophy on buying birds, in particular advising fanciers not to dismiss out of hand the idea of buying birds aged three years and even older ; he maintains that over age birds can still be an asset in a breeding program, and that results can often more the justify the sense of gambling in making such purchases.

He also spoke of not buying solely outside the area or only buying inside the area, and the various prices that can be paid, both in and out of the area.


        (Above, pictures from the April meeting with John Herring in the Chair)

This was another very pleasant and encouraging evening, and we look forward to next month's meeting when we have another excellent speaker  Adrian Richards, one of the fancy’s  younger and much appreciated, judges.

John Herring thanked Brian for an interesting insight into his breeding management style.

The meeting closed at 9.15 pm.


28th APRIL 2008  

(Extract from Minutes, taken by Eric Ward)

The meeting opened at 7.35 pm, with 13 members present. The meeting was informed that a Trade card from Makro had been applied for.

Correspondence.A letter from Charlie & Margaret Bowman was received accepting that they would be available to be guest speakers in July.

Our Secretary Joe Staples reported that he now has  acquired speakers at our meetings up until October with November/December pending. (see top of page)

The chairman gave a report summary on the North East National meeting held on the 14th April. The Show date  is 20th July .Judges booked:- Chris Snell, Geoff Moore, Alan Michael and M. Little.Entry fees- 40p per cage 1-9.  £4.00 10 plus cages. The halls postcode is to be added to the schedule for people with SatNav.Lee Marshall has agreed to his mobile number being added to the schedule for emergencies on the day of the show.It was agreed as per members instructions that Sunderland BS and South Shields BS would each donate £200 to bolster the  N.E. National funds. 

This was followed by a very enlightening presentation by David and John Herring with the aid of their Power Point graphics, ‘ WHATS IN A COLOUR’ And ‘CLASSIFIED COLOURS’. This delved into the different colours the make up of types of feathers, cheek patches and their use for detecting colours; legs and their importance regarding type of bird, irises and Ceres were also covered.

The chairman thanked them for an enjoyable evening and as they were unable to complete the presentation hoped they would be able to complete it a later date.

Meeting closed at 9.15pm.


31st MARCH 2008  

A promising turn-out of thirteen fanciersto support our new officials and this meeting was taken up with enthusiastic discussion about the way forward for the club. It was good to welcome back to the fold Charmaine and Malcolm Redden and also to welcome two new members, Russell and Danny Meek.

 It was agreed that as the society is still financially sound and viable, we nee not trouble too much about seeking money making ventures, although we have it in mend to consider running Tombola stalls at public functions later in the year, partly with a view to bringing knowledge of our existence as a society into the public domain.   

  It was acknowledged that our way forward must first be centred around getting speakers for all our meetings, so that we can be confident about seeking new members to come and join our happy club.

    To give our secretary breathing space in organising this, John and Dave Herring announced that they now have the technology to offer a Presentation/Slide show . It was agreed that they will give their presentation "What's in a Colour" it's Premiere/Trial Run at the meeting on Monday, April 28th. All fanciers are welcome to this first viewing.

  25th February 2008 "The re-birth of the society" :-

In responses to another poor turn-out at our Annual General Meeting, and Extraordinary General Meeting was called for 25th February, supported by letters to members and an article in the Sunderland Echo. This resulted in a lively and promising meeting at which it was decided that we should go ahead and try to rebuild the club. The new officials for the year were appointed and the secretary agreed to start work on a list of speakers for future meetings.



April Meeting  Again a less than enthusiastic turn-out but we were delighted to welcome a new, Junior, member, Shaun Chipp with his father to the meeting. There were only five members present at the meeting.  However, it was agreed that the society must be allowed to move forward and Steve Conlin agreed to compile a programme of speakers. Dave Herring pointed out that John and he would be seeing Norma Phillips at the weekend and would see if she and Geoff Lawrence could come in May

In February, as arranged we had met at the University and found that the room allocated to us was light and airy, very comfortable and thus a very good place to hold our meetings.

 However, a suggestion was made that we also consider rooms at the St Luke's Chuch and community rooms in Pallion Road and after some  rather strident debate, the meeting decided almost unanimously (the writer abstained as he had compiled the document about St Luke's ) to hold the next meeting there.

March 2007 Meeting   at St Luke's.

There were only five members present at the meeting, so no final decision was taken on the meeting room

May  2007

Our first speaker in the St Luke's rooms was a good friend of the society, Brian Batey who is a Champion exhibitor and is the Vice Chairman of the Northern Budgerigar Society

Brian told us about his recent progress in rebuilding his stud, including the acquisition of stock from Brian Sweeting and Geoff Attwood, as well as from local sources.

This was a very pleasant and encouraging evening, despite the fact that the turn-out was again poor. Joe Staples and John Herring had sent their apologies. We were able to use the kitchen facilities for the first time, enjoying a cup of coffee and biscuits (despite the fact that I made the former) and look forward to next month's meeting when we have excellent speakers again, Norma Phillips and Geoff Lawrence.


Business conducted at the meeting was restricted, but Steve Conlin confirmed that he has been very active and has a provisional programme of speakers , mapped out. It was confirmed that Geoff Lawrence and Norma Phillips will speak to us in June. ALL MEMBERS ARE URGED TO ATTEND THIS MEETING TO SUPPORT THESE EXCELLENT SPEAKERS WHO DO SO MUCH FOR THE FANCY.     (Members are also asked to note that Norma has some surplus Spangles for sale at a very reasonable price)

BUS TRIP to BS CLUB SHOW  If anyone would be interested in joining in a society trip[ to the club show, they should contact Steve Conlin immediately. Fanciers from other societies will be very welcome, but it was agreed that unless a good response is received, the trip will not go ahead.

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