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It is increasingly difficult for people to find out where they can buy pet birds.

Nowadays, for a number of reasons, fewer pet shops have stopped selling livestock - mainly because of the legislation and paperwork involved.  Even supermarkets and garden centres, etc. no longer stock birds;

We know that there are still many people who breed budgerigars, canaries and other birds, but unfortunately there are no newspapers accepting adverts for small livestock. Some of us with websites receive a number of enquiries for pets - which we are unable to provide.

This being so, Sunderland BS is now offering a service here for pet breeders to let potential customers know where they are. There is no fee for this service, but we do ask fanciers taking part to undertake to guarantee that, when supplying pets, the birds offered will young enough ( six to ten weeks old for budgerigars) to make family members . We invite all breeders in the Tyne and Wear and County Durham area to contact us with their contact details to include on the table below :-

Obviously, many breeders will not wish to give their address, but a phone number/email address or other contact









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