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This was another excellent show, staged by the budgerigar societies of South Shields and Sunderland, and it was enhanced by the tremendous support of local fanciers, who entered a total of 724 exhibits. Of these, a benched entry of 601 was reported. Hopefully this is a sign that the North East National is on its way up again. There have been many 'pits and troughs' since our first amalgamated show, in Sunderland, in 1965.  

       On a wider scale, is it too soon to hope that this also signals a return for the fancy which has seemed to be in decline for a few years now?  Certainly the judging team of G D Findlay, N Flavell, R Payne and R Quigley had a happy task in judging classes which had reasonable entries, both numerically and in general quality.

       The show ran very smoothly, and the usual ‘blips’ were happily thin on the ground,  so much so  that the judges’ tasks were completed in good time to enable the show to be dressed to receive an enthusiastic public!

        And the winners?  As I have reported often in the past, Charlie Bowman led the field overall, and not only was his Opaline Cock Adult adjudged Best in Show, but he also annexed the Best  Young Bird award with his very smart and well sized Normal Light Green Cock, staged to perfection.

         The challenge certificate for Normal Green went to Keith Allison, who went on to take a further three challenge certificates, for Grey Green, Opaline Cinnamon and Any Other Colour. A well deserved 'haul' for a fancier who is an enthusiastic stalwart of Sunderland BS.

         One of the major awards, Best Opposite Sex Any Age went to a Grey hen staged by Derek Shotton Jr, making a welcome and dramatic return to the fancy.

       For those of us who had been at the show for most of the morning, there was the pleasure of partaking in an excellent buffet lunch, professionally provided by Ed Freel, a keen breeder and exhibitor of budgerigars, who at this show must have felt that he was now feeding a flock of Gannets!  Thanks, Ed - it was great and I can't wait for the next such event


Best in Show   C L Bowman       Best Young Bird in Show  C L Bowman

Best Opp Sex Any Age D Shotton   Best Opp Sex Young Bird  S Wilson

Section Awards

CHAMPION ANY AGE     BEST  C L Bowman   2nd K Allison   3rd  K Allison  4th K Allison     5th P Watts   6th K Allison   7th Marshall & Shotton

CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD     BEST C L Bowman    2nd C L Bowman   3rd K Allison  4th P Watts  5th P Watts   6th P Redford   7th C L Bowman

INTERMEDIATE ANY AGE   BEST  French & Ratcliffe 2nd A M Carr 3rd S Conlin 4th R Fairhurst 5th G W Carr   6th  F Ramshaw  7th  A Harrison

INTERMEDIATE YOUNG BIRD BEST T Wall 2nd A Proud   3rd F Ramshaw  4th F Ramshaw 5th F Ramshaw   6th T Wall   7th  T Wall

NOVICE ANY AGE  BEST S Wilson  2nd J Law  3rd Smith & Jennings  4th B Toon  5th B Verity   6th S Wilson   7th  Smith & Jennings

NOVICE YOUNG BIRD    BEST S Wilson  2nd N Johnson  3rd K Thompson   4th S Wilson      5th S Wilson    6th Smith & Jennings   7th B Toon

BEGINNER ANY AGE    BEST M Tariq  2nd  D Shotton 3rd A Lovack  4th J A Elvin  5th M Tariq 6th A Lovack   7th  A Lovack

BEGINNER YOUNG BIRD        BEST D Shotton   2nd M Tariq   3rd J Smith   4th C Kendall  5th D Shotton   6th D Shotton  

JUNIOR ANY AGE     BEST C Ridley  2nd  C Ridley 3rd  C Ridley 4th C Ridley




NORMAL GREEN    BOC K Allison  2nd Marshall & Shotton  3rd C L Bowman  4th French & Ratcliffe   5th M Tariq    6th K Tart   7th S Conlin

NORMAL BLUE      BOC S Wilson  2nd S Wilson  3rd B Illingworth  4th Marshall & Shotton   5th J A Elvin    6th K Tart  7th A Lovack

NORMAL GREY GREEN     BOC K Allison  2nd N Johnson  3rd S Wilson  4th P Redford   5th M Tariq    6th F Ramshaw   7th Herring Bros

NORMAL GREY      BOC J Law  2nd C L Bowman  3rd M Tariq  4th D Shotton   5th J A Elvin    6th P Watts   7th A Proud

OPALINE GREEN    BOC C L Bowman  2nd A Lovack  3rd C L Bowman  4th C L Bowman   5th 710-1    6th H Wind   7th A E Wood

OPALINE BLUE   BOC T Wall  2nd C L Bowman  3rd A M Carr  4th G Lawrence   5th  Smith & Jennings   6th T Wall   7th Smith & Jennings

NORMAL CINNAMON   BOC S Wilson  2nd K Allison  3rd S Wilson  4th C L Bowman   5th S Wilson    6th J Smith   7th A Harrison

OPALINE CINNAMON   BOC K Allison  2nd K Allison  3rd K & B Batey  4th K Tart   5th E W Freel    6th T Wall   7th K Thompson

LUTINO     BOC J Wanless  2nd K & B Batey 3rd Marshall & Shotton  4th Marshall & Shotton   5th J Wanless    6th  H Wind  7th C Kendall

ALBINO     BOC Marshall & Shotton  2nd J Wanless 3rd T Wall  4th J Wanless   5th Herring Bros    6th Herring Bros   7th French & Ratcliffe

YELLOW-WING     BOC Marshall & Shotton  2nd Marshall & Shotton  3rd J Smith  4th J Smith   5th Marshall & Shotton    6th J Smith   7th J Smith

WHITE-WING     BOC Marshall & Shotton   2nd D Lowes  3rd Marshall & Shotton  4th J Smith   5th J Smith   

CREST OR TUFT    No Entries

SPANGLE           BOC P Watts  2nd P Watts  3rd H Wind  4th P Redford   5th  K Allison   6th D Shotton   7th J Smith

DOMINANT PIED  BOC C L Bowman  2nd Smith & Jennings  3rd A Harrison  4th G W Carr   5th  A Pick   6th  Smith & Jennings  7th Smith & Jennings

RECESSIVE PIED   BOC D Lowes  2nd J Gallagher  3rd Marshall & Shotton 4th D Lowes   

YELLOW/GOLDEN FACE  BOC Marshall & Shotton  2nd K Thompson  3rd A Lovack  4th F Ramshaw   5th A Proud    6th Marshall & Shotton   7th J A Elvin

RARE VARIETY    BOC J Herron  2nd A M Carr  3rd A M Carr  

ANY OTHER COLOUR    BOC K Allison  2nd K Allison  3rd K & B Batey  4th J M Cook   5th B Toon    6th J Smith   7th G W Carr


All in all, a very happy and successful show. Our thanks to all who took part in any way  - and particular thanks to Brian Batey who did so much of the Show secretarial work, especially on the day of the show


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