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                The North East National Show 2007


      What had started off as something of a disappointment , rapidly developed into more of an appreciable success as the 2007 North East national Show unfolded. Staged by the budgerigar societies of South Shields and Sunderland, the show officials had been looking forward to an increase in entries over the 2006 event – all the signs appeared to suggest such a happy outcome : but it was not to be,

In the event, a total entry of 522 birds was received, representing a decrease of something over 100.

      The show was held in the Brinkburn Community Centre, a smaller hall than that used, at the same site, by the show over the previous two years, but was still sufficiently large to accommodate this more modest entry, particularly as it had the benefit of an adjacent kitchen/restaurant which proved an ideal meeting place for fanciers who wished to feed body, mind and spirit eating in harmony with fellow fanciers.


Meals were provided for all stewards, as well as the judges, and the restaurant remained available serving wholesome food for the duration of the show. The members of both societies are very grateful to the ladies who provided such a excellent service.

      Additionally, the show could not possibly have run so smoothly had it not for the help received from friends from other societies, who rallied around and formed a hard working team of stewards. It was particularly pleasing to note so many ladies among the fanciers providing such support. Our grateful thanks to them for showing us how we should express our enthusiasm for the fancy!

        Happily, the show also had the consolation of there being a good benched entry, which included a very good standard of exhibit.The judges were  A Brown, M Ballard, J S Cooke and R Steele, who completed their task timeously and efficiently, so that the show was able to open to the public promptly










They selected a fine Cinnamon Grey Cock staged by the newly formed partnership of French & Ratcliffe, as Best in Show. 


  Best Young Bird in Show was won by Don Rowell’s Normal Grey Cock and the same fancier, who had a field day particularly in the Champion Young Bird Section, also annexed the award of Best Opposite Sex Young Bird with a much-admired Greygreen Hen

           The popular partnership of Ray and Anne Graham took the award of Best Opposite Sex Any Age with their Cinnamon Greygreen Hen.

           The main Junior specials were shared by Charlotte Forrest and Kate French 





Normal Green Best  P Redford,  2nd (Best Breeder)  D Rowell, (Best Beginner) 3rd  A & A Forrest, 4th (Best Intermediate) G W Carr, 5th A E Wood, 6th (Best Novice) S Vickers , 7th R Fairhurst

 Normal Blue Best C L Bowman,   2nd (Best Novice) A Harrison,  3rd (Best Breeder) D Lowes, 4th (Best Beginner) S Wilson, 5th (Best Intermediate) French & Ratcliffe, 6th Watson & Doyle,  7th J Fairbridge

 Greygreen Best D Rowell,   2nd D Rowell   3rd (Best Breeder) D Rowell,  4th C L Bowman, 5th (Best Novice) S Vickers,  (Best Intermediate) 6th G W Carr, 7th K Flint

 Grey  Best D Rowell , 2nd D Rowell,  3rd (Best Breeder) Price & Winter, 4th A Harrison , 5th (Best Intermediate) French & Ratcliffe, 6th K Flint , 7th (Best Beginner) R Toon

 Opaline Green Best D Rowell   2nd   (Best Beginner) J Fairbridge, 3rd (Best Breeder) Herring Bros, 4th P Watts, 5th (Best Novice) D Cowie, 6th Herring Bros, 7th G Hall

 Opaline Blue Best S Conlin   2nd (Best Breeder) P Redford, 3rd D Lowes, 4th (Best Novice) D Cowie, 5th S Conlin, 6th S Vickers, 7th Herring Bros

 Cinnamon Best French & Ratcliffe   2nd D Rowell, 3rd R & A Graham, 4th (Best Breeder) P Redford , 5th D Rowell, (Best Intermediate)  6th G W Carr, 7th (Best Novice) S Vickers

 Opal Cinnamon Best Watson & Doyle   2nd (Best Breeder) Watson & Doyle, 3rd Watson & Doyle, 4th (Best Novice) D Cowie, 5th (Best Beginner) B Verity, 6th D Fishwick, 7th J Fairbridge

 Lutino Best Watson & Doyle   2nd C L Bowman, (Best Breeder) 3rd C L Bowman, 4th Watson & Doyle, 5th (Best Intermediate) K Flint, 6th (Best Beginner) A & A Forrest, 7th (Best Novice) D Cowie

 Albino Best Herring Bros   2nd (Best Beginner) A & A Forrest, 3rd Herring Bros, 4th (Best Breeder) Herring Bros, 5th Herring Bros, 6th R Toon, 7th (Best Junior) C Forrest

 Yellow wing Best   W A Kyle  2nd W A Kyle  , 3rd Watson & Doyle, 4th (Best Breeder) W A Kyle  , 5th W A Kyle 

 White wing Best   Marshall & Shotton   2nd (Best Breeder) Marshall & Shotton, 3rd (Best Intermediate) W A Kyle  , 4th W A Kyle  , 5th W A Kyle  , 6th (Best Beginner) R W & B Blakemore, 7th Watson & Doyle,

 Spangle Best   R & A Graham   2nd (Best Breeder) (Best Intermediate) K Flint, 3rd Price & Winter, 4th P Watts,   5th (Best Novice) A Harrison, 6th R & A Graham, 7th A Harrison

 Dominant Pied Best   D Lowes   2nd (Best Any Age) R & A Graham, 3rd R & A Graham, 4th (Best Novice) S Vickers, 5th Price & Winter, 6th (Best Intermediate) G W Carr, 7th (Best Beginner) S Wilson

 Recessive Pied  Best   Marshall & Shotton    2nd (Best Breeder) Marshall & Shotton, 3rd Marshall & Shotton   , 4th (Best Intermediate) G W Carr, 5th Marshall & Shotton , 6th G W Carr

 Yellowface Best   Marshall & Shotton   2nd (Best Any Age) Marshall & Shotton, 3rd (Best Junior) P Fairbridge, 4th J Fairbridge, 5th (Best Beginner) R Toon, 6th (Best Novice) A M Carr

 Rare   Best   French & Ratcliffe   2nd French & Ratcliffe, 3rd Marshall & Shotton, 4th  (Best Breeder) French & Ratcliffe, 5th (Best Beginner) R W & B Blakemore, 6th French & Ratcliffe   , 7th (Best Novice) G Hall

 Any Other Colour  Best  Herring Bros   2nd   (Best Novice) P McHale, 3rd R W & B Blakemore, 4th (Best Breeder) Marshall & Shotton, 5th P Redford, (Best Intermediate) 6th W A Kyle, 7th P McHale


Best Novice Young Bird  A Harrison’s Normal Grey Hen

Best Beginner Young Bird S Wilson Normal Green Cock

 Best Junior Young Bird Kate French ‘s Spangle cock



 Best Champ Any Age D Rowell, 2nd R & A Graham, 3rd Watson & Doyle, 4th D Rowell, 5th P Redford, 6th C L Bowman, 7th Watson & Doyle

 Best Champ Young Bird D Rowell,   2nd D Rowell, 3rd D Rowell, 4th D Rowell, 5th D Rowell, 6th R & A Graham, 7th P Redford

 Best Inter Any Age French & Ratcliffe, 2nd French & Ratcliffe , 3rd French & Ratcliffe, 4th G W Carr, 5th G W Carr, 6th G W Carr, 7th French & Ratcliffe

 Best Inter Young Bird K Flint, 2nd French & Ratcliffe, 3rd K Flint, 4th R Fairhurst,  5th A E Wood, 6th K Flint, 7th G W Carr

 Best Novice Any Age A Harrison, 2nd P McHale, 3rd S Vickers, 4th S Vickers, 5th D Cowie, 6th A Harrison, 7th S Vickers

 Best Novice Young Bird A Harrison 2nd A Harrison, 3rd G Hall, 4th A M Carr, 5th G Hall, 6th G Hall, 7th G Hall

 Best Beginner Any Age S Conlin, 2nd J Fairbridge, 3rd J Fairbridge, 4th A & A Forrest, 5th S Wilson, 6th R Toon, 7th J Fairbridge

 Best Beginner Young Bird S Wilson, 2nd R W & B Blakemore, 3rd S Conlin, 4th S Wilson, 5th J Fairbridge, 6th J Fairbridge, 7th J Fairbridge

 Best Junior Any Age C Forrest, 2nd P Fairbridge, 3rd K French, 4th P Fairbridge, 5th C Forrest, 6th C Forrest, 7th P Fairbridge

 Best Junior Young Bird K French, 2nd K French, 3rd K French.

            It was good to see that there were three Junior exhibitors at the show, one of whom, Paul Fairbridge attended throughout the event, helping with stewarding.


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